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7 Secrets to Success in Business from Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a master of many trades. As an entrepreneur, bestselling writer, philanthropist and also the country's leading lifestyle and business strategist, he certainly has a hectic schedule. But in February, he took time out for a meeting with GOBankingRates.

During the interview, the "MONEY: Master the Game" author shared some crucial financial and business advice to help readers make smart decisions. One of the best things about Tony Robbins' advice, though, is that much of it is applicable to life beyond the boardroom.

  1. Don't Try to Plan Everything
    "If you're going to attempt to time the market, you can overlook it."

    When GOBankingRates caught up with Robbins in February, he shared the motivation behind his latest book, "Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook." This is particularly true of the real estate market.

    In context, this tidbit was aimed at people who attempt to time the stock market, but the sentiment of living in the moment rather than planning for the future has a wider resonance.
  2. Stay Calm and Carry On
    "The greatest victory in your life is when things are burning down."

    This piece of advice was meant to address the stock market, but like many of Robbins' hints, you are able to apply it to life in general. If life throws you curveballs, get the most out of it. Being forced to alter course could be a blessing in disguise, and therefore don't be afraid to modify your strategy.

  3. Take Action, Dont just Plan
    In a 2016 interview with Psychology Today, Robbins was requested the vital difference between "wantrepreneurs" and entrepreneurs. He clarified that millions of people have business ideas, but only a small percentage of their companies actually survive. Entrepreneurs focus on implementation, he explained, while "wantrepreneurs" get stuck on ideas.

    This is some of Robbins' best advice for entrepreneurs, but it can easily be applied to other aspects of life.

  4. Dont Let Fear Control You
    "Great guys do what they want. Bitches do what they can."

    In 2016, Robbins and DJ Khaled did a joint interview for Complex. One of the topics discussed was DJ Khaled's fear of flying and Robbins' quest to help him overcome it. Robbins explained the significance of not letting fear to get in the way of things you want to do in life.

    Robbins may have been talking about flying, but you may use this advice to confront a broad array of fears. Everybody is afraid of something, however, strong people decide to work beyond their anxieties. No fear is too great to overcome, so stand around yours and begin living life on your own terms.
  5. Don't Live by Metaphors
    "If you're not in the Hoover Dam, you're not stuck."

    You've probably heard and used the expression, "I'm stuck in a rut" or "I'm between a rock and a hard place." But Robbins warns against living by metaphors.

    "When you make up these metaphors, they literally take you over, they hypnotize you," he recently told GOBankingRates. "So, for me, nobody's stuck. I sometimes tease people. I say, 'If you have ever been to Vegas, you understand where that large Hoover Dam is. When they had been building this thing, two people fell in. They are still there, they are stuck.'"

    Robbins recommends creating physical changes, like changing your posture or breathing routine.

    "When you're feeling stuck, you feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, right?" He explained. "But what you must understand is that the fastest way to change your state is not with your mind, it's with your body. If you make a radical change in the way you move, the way you breathe, the way you walk, the way you hold your head and shoulders, that's how you change your state."
  6. Be True to Yourself
"If you're not passionate about your business, sell it, give it away or make a change, because you can't be in a business you're not passionate about."

Believing in your business is essential, Robbins informed Entrepreneur in 2016. While all companies have worth, an owner who does not feel passion for your job is unlikely to succeed, since they can not provide what the business needs to flourish. To that end, it is important to love what you do.

Technically, this quote was meant to address present and aspiring entrepreneurs, but if you read between the lines, it also doubles as some of Robbins' best advice for relationships. If you're not passionate about your partner, it's unfair to stay in the relationship. After all, neither of you will enjoy the kind of partnership you desire if you aren't fully invested.

7. Don't Stress Over Things You Cannot Change

"Trade your expectations for appreciation."

Robbins said that if you want an extraordinary quality of life, you need to live in the moment and appreciate what you have.

"You want to change your whole life? You want to have a different life? You want more fulfillment than you've ever had? Trade your anticipation of appreciation, and your whole life changes at that instant," he told GOBankingRates. "When we're busy appreciating, life is very different than when we were constantly being worried about things we cannot change."

8. Do Your Homework

"Don't just get in the match; you have got to educate yourself, because the biggest screwup for your financial wealth is sadly people with experience who you give your money to."

When investing your money, you need to know where it's going, Robbins said during a 2017 interview with Mike Koenigs for his You Everywhere Now blog. If you blindly trust your funds to an advisor, you could end up paying unnecessary fees that will deplete your wealth. Robbins advises individuals to remain diligent by paying close attention to their investments, because that money is theirs.

Technically, this advice is aimed at those investing in the market, but it can also apply to small business owners. For example, when running a business, you can't just put an accountant in charge of the company's finances and never look back. You can hire someone to handle day-to-day fiscal tasks, but you need to stay involved. After all, if something goes wrong, you'll be the one answering to the IRS.

9. Be Kind to Others

"Let's face it: calling someone an idiot doesn't work really well."

When asked for his thoughts on President Trump during a 2017 CNBC interview, Robbins shared his belief that insulting others is rarely the answer. He said the president would benefit from slowing down to think a little before he speaks.

Robbins' tip about being kind and respectful could apply to anyone. Sometimes, we're all guilty of choosing words that blur the significance of our messages. When you're tempted to go low, take a minute to think of the consequences of your speech and go high instead.

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